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Women Empowering Women

In March, we celebrate International Women’s Day as well as Women’s History Month. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the incredible women in our lives who have helped, supported, and cheered us on. We know that we’re where we are today because of the women who came before us to make our path […]

Soul Dental is Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

At Soul Dental, we believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and confident — and to rock a beautiful smile! We also believe that restoring someone’s smile can be an important and life-changing event. Dentistry is so much more than oral health. Our smiles are how we greet people and communicate how we feel. […]

Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

At Soul Dental, we love kids! In fact, over half of our doctors and staff have children of their own. (Or are about to have them – so many SOUL babies to celebrate in the near future!) Because we have kids, we know that taking children to a dental appointment can be a challenge. That’s […]

She’s Changing the Face of Dentistry

Want to support more female-owned businesses in NYC? Meet Dr. Alexandra Yungelson, cofounder of the best female-owned dental practice in New York City.

From First Teeth to Wisdom Teeth

What to Expect: Tips from NYC Holistic Pediatric Dentists

Whether your baby’s first tooth is just starting to break through or you’re wondering what to do about your teen’s wisdom teeth, connecting with a trusted dental practice can help you and your child know just what to expect. Here are a few things that our NYC team of holistic pediatric dentists have outlined for parents considering a visit to one of our convenient Soul Dental office locations.

Grace, Grit & Soul

When you see Dr. Alterman laughing with her patients or lighting up the room with her smile, you can also sense that something deeper is there: That her heart and soul are present.