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8 Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

At Soul Dental, we love kids! In fact, over half of our doctors and staff have children of their own. (Or are about to have them – so many SOUL babies to celebrate in the near future!) Because we have kids, we know that taking children to a dental appointment can be a challenge. That’s why we do everything we can to make their experience fun and yours stress-free.

Meet Dr. Van Eyndhoven: Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

Dr. Van Eyndhoven is our pediatric dentist at Soul Dental West. She loves silly jokes and songs. Dr. Eyndhoven is patient and takes the time to make children and parents feel at ease in the dental environment.

As you can tell, Dr. Eyndhoven is warm and comfortable with kids, and she doesn’t mind being asked a lot of questions! (And that includes you, mom and dad. Ask away!)

Dr. Van Eyndhoven poses silly, gif switches between several pics of her dancing and jumping. She wears watermelon shoes.

Parents have questions. Soul has answers.

Can I really get my kids’ teeth cleaned at the same office where I get my dental services?

Absolutely! Just make all of your appointments at Soul Dental West.

My kids have baby teeth. Do I still need to bring them to the dentist?

Yes! According to the American Dental Association, your child’s first dental checkup should occur after their first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. Establishing a good oral health routine early in childhood helps to ensure a healthy smile for a lifetime.

My child is nervous about visits to the dentist. How can I calm their fears?

Drop by our office when your child doesn’t have an appointment. Let them talk to our front desk staff or even pet Lola, Dr. Alterman’s dog, and the Soul Dental mascot. Stop by our office as many times as it takes for your child to become familiar with our staff and the surroundings.

It’s like the first day of school. Children are often frightened the first day, but by the end of the week, they know their teachers and classmates, are accustomed to their schedule and know how to navigate the building. What was scary on day 1 feels comfortable by day 5.

How can I make dental checkups with my children easier?

  • Don’t schedule an appointment during naptime.
  • Make sure they have had lunch or a snack before their appointment.
  • Be happy and upbeat about your child’s appointment! Children are sensitive to their parents’ moods. If you are cheerful, they will be too.

I have trouble getting my kids to brush their teeth. Will you explain to them why it’s important?

We are happy to. We will teach your child good oral health habits that are maintainable for a lifetime. Not only will we talk to them, but we will also demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques.

What are your goals for my children’s oral health?

Our aim is to prevent tooth decay and maintain disease-free teeth and gums by preventative measures such as dental cleanings and establishing good oral care routines at home. Our patients receive optimum fluoride exposure, and we apply pit and fissure sealants when appropriate. If cavities are found, then they are filled.

The Very Best Pediatric Dentistry in NYC

Parents want the best for their children, and we offer the very best pediatric dentistry in NYC. We care that your children are set up for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Make an appointment for the whole family!



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