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2 Oral Surgery NYC – Soul Dental is the Best in the Biz

Oral Surgery NYC – Soul Dental is the Best in the Biz 

At Soul Dental, we perform many different oral surgeries every day. For us, it’s literally, ‘all in a day’s work.’ We enjoy our work, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to make our patients feel better. But we understand that oral surgery can be a stressful experience for you, our patient, which is why we do everything we can to educate you before your appointment and to put you at ease while in our office.

But there can’t be many differences between one NYC dentist and another, can there? Definitely. So, why is Soul Dental a standout?

There are many reasons having to do with our mission, highly trained oral surgeons, chairside manner with patients, and unmatched staff, but today, we’ll focus on our state-of-the-art technology.

Oral Surgery NYC – Technology and the Patient Experience

With the use of modern technology, an office like Soul Dental can make a difference in the level of care you receive and your overall oral health. Technology can also mean the difference between suffering and a quick, painless recovery.

Some of the oral surgeries we perform include:

Pain-Free Dentist NYC

So, let’s address the topic that’s likely top of mind for you as a patient: dental discomfort and what you can expect during your oral surgery at Soul Dental. 

You can expect to be comfortable during your procedure. 

Really? Yes! Really. 

Many of our patients struggle with fear and anxiety, so we offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation administered by our highly trained surgeons. We want fear-free dentistry to be accessible for all. 

Dentist NYC – The Gadgets

Let’s get nerdy! While we think we’re pretty cool, we do like to geek out about the cool gadgets and gear that come with our job. Lucky for you, our natural inclination to have the very best in technology means a better patient experience. 

CBCT Imaging 

Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) capture data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam while rotating around the patient. We then use the data to reconstruct a 3D image of the patient’s teeth and nerve location, mouth, jaw, and neck. These 3D images are much more helpful than a conventional 2D x-ray image, which helps us to make a more precise  diagnosis and, hence a more safe surgical treatment plan. 

Sedation – Oral Surgery NYC

Going to the dentist’s office should not be a source of fear or anxiety. It saddens us greatly that many people avoid going to the dentist altogether because they are afraid. For that reason, we offer sedation dentistry for all. 

At Soul Dental, you never have to choose between great oral health and your personal well-being.

Soul Smile – Oral Surgery NYC

Full-mouth restorations, dentures, bridges, and veneers are just some of the ways our Soul Dental team supports patients in getting their smiles back. 

  • Dentures come in and out and offer a return of confidence in your smile. 
  • Full-mouth restorations using dental implants and bridges can help to recreate the smile you had – or give you the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Veneers give you a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Our experienced team of dental professionals offers compassionate professional support to help you renew or create the confident smile that just says YOU. And while our team is the very best in the industry, so is the technology we use — so you don’t have to choose between a dentist you like and a dentist with great technology available. At Soul Dental, you get both. 

Obturation Devices

Obturation. Here we go again, using a word you may not have heard before! Obturation is the technical term for filling and sealing a tooth with root canal material. 

The goal of obturation is to: 

  • Achieve a 3-dimensional tight seal within the root canal
  • Block bacteria and saliva from entering the root canal
  • Remove bacteria and body fluid entirely from the canal system
  • Prevent bacterial micro-leakage during the root canal 
  • Use filling material to prevent infection and protect the remaining tooth pulp

We use the very best obturation device available so that we can save your tooth and eliminate the infection. 

Thank you for joining our TED Talk on why the level of dental technology in your dentist’s office is so important to you as a patient! (Ha ha!)

Seriously, we know it’s unlikely that you will ever think about the technology used in oral surgery again. That’s ok. It’s our job to stay up-to-date and current with the best technology available. But, if you do ever want to talk about microscopes, you know who to ask!



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