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Soul Dental Pediatric General

Soul Dental Kids

At Soul Dental, we’re devoted to providing world-class dental care for all ages. This includes specialized services for our younger patients and their unique dental needs. We’re proud to offer Soul Dental Kids, the portion of our practice dedicated to pediatric dentistry, delivered at our West location by board-certified pediatric dentists with a whole lot of SOUL!

Why Soul Dental Kids?

Soul Dental Kids is the trusted destination for pediatric oral health care in New York City. Our team of certified pediatric dentists is committed to providing high-standard, comprehensive dental care that covers everything from preventive exams and cleanings to cavity treatment. Other services include:

  • Safe digital x-rays
  • Sedation options for pain, fear, and special needs
  • In-house orthodontist, endodontist, and oral surgeon
  • Timely and efficient emergency care

Meet Dr. Lisa Van Eyndhoven

Heading our team is Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Dr. Lisa Van Eyndhoven, who brings a wealth of experience and a caring approach to every child she treats. Dr. Lisa and her team strive to create a fun and comfortable environment for children, ensuring visits to the dentist are a positive experience, not a source of fear or discomfort.

Meet Dr. Kimia Ahmadian

Dr. Kimia is an Attending Dentist at Jacobi Hospital in New York City, and through her intensive hospital-based training with a wide range of complex cases, she has acquired skills to address the dental needs of every child, including children with special healthcare needs. She believes that children’s first encounters with dentistry can shape their perception of oral health for life, so she strives to make their visits warm, welcoming, engaging, and empowering.

Start the Journey

Ready to embark on a lifetime of healthy smiles with Soul Dental Kids? We can’t wait to welcome your family to ours and help your child blossom into a lifetime of beautiful smiles!