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Toddler boy, about 18-24 months, brushes his teeth.

From First Teeth to Wisdom Teeth

What to Expect: Tips from NYC Holistic Pediatric Dentists

Whether your baby’s first tooth is just starting to break through or you’re wondering what to do about your teen’s wisdom teeth, connecting with a trusted dental practice can help you and your child know just what to expect. Here are a few things that our NYC team of holistic pediatric dentists have outlined for parents considering a visit to one of our convenient Soul Dental office locations.

Tongue Tie: The appearance of baby’s first tooth is what starts many new parents on the journey to guiding their child’s dental health, but for others, the journey starts shortly after birth. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reports that approximately 5% of babies are born with ankyloglossia, more commonly known as “tongue tie.”

Toddler boy, about 18-24 months, brushes his teeth.

When this condition is present, the frenulum (the thin band of tissue that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth) has not separated prior to birth, limiting the mobility of the tongue and potentially causing problems with nursing and, later, with speech.

Tongue-tie surgery is a simple out-patient procedure that a Soul Dental tongue-tie specialist can perform in the office to help free up your baby’s tongue and allow for easier nursing and speech development.

Early Tooth Care: How soon should you take your child to the dentist? It might be sooner than you think! The American Dental Association recommends parents schedule their child’s first dental visit as soon as their first tooth erupts (often around 6 months of age), and no later than age 1.

You can prepare your child for this first visit by using your finger or a damp cloth to gently clean those first teeth. This not only starts dental hygiene off early, but it also helps your baby become more at ease with an examination of his or her teeth.

Brushing and Cavities: Guide your child to brush teeth twice daily — in the morning and at night. Make sure to pay special attention to the molars once they come in, as these are often the teeth where cavities will begin to develop. 

If we do discover a cavity during your child’s visit with us, our staff will discuss solutions to remedy it with as little discomfort as possible. The latest dental technology has allowed for wonderful breakthroughs in this area.

A Wisdom Teeth Primer: Most people get their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25. Not everyone needs to have them removed, but if they put pressure on your other teeth or X-rays indicate they may cause future problems, our dentists will recommend they come out. This is a common procedure, and our knowledgeable staff will walk you and your child through all you need to know to prepare and recover smoothly.

A Few More Quick Tips:

  • If your child can brush on their own, they can floss! Starting early builds good oral hygiene habits.

  • Ask us about fluoride treatment. Optimal fluoride exposure keeps teeth stronger and healthier.

  • Learn which foods promote tooth decay and minimize or avoid them. Candy is a notorious culprit!

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