We Believe We’re One of the Best Dental Practices In NYC. Here’s Why.

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Hey, we get it: You’re online, poking around the interwebs, going down a few rabbit holes… and oh yeah, you’re looking for a new dentist! 

NYC is home to a lot of passion and talent, and that goes for dentists, too. We’re not saying we’re the only game in town, but we want to take a moment to let you know why we genuinely believe we’re one of the best dental practices in the city. 

We’re all about SOUL

Soul Dental founders Dr. Alexandra Yungelson and Dr. Yuliya Alterman met in dental school. They connected over their shared desire to create a dental practice that people could rely on for a lifetime. 

With a focus on real connections, straight talk, and genuine laughter combined with the doctors’ flare for NYC style, passion for oral health, and unending drive to keep their practice at the forefront of dental technology and research, this dynamic duo has created a truly unique oral health experience for their clients.

Soul Dental is redefining a visit to the dentist and setting the bar higher for comfort, compassion, and care.

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Staff with a World of Experience

We’ve put together a fun, friendly, and engaging team of oral health experts and support staff from all over the world. Wherever you’re from and whatever your dental needs, we’re on hand to provide the very best consultation and care. Our diverse team provides the culture and the vibe that makes up the heart of Soul Dental.

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P.S. Finding the best dentist in NYC just got easier with two locations in Chelsea and Midtown West.

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