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Drs. Yungelson and Alterman stand on a street corner and hug one another, smiling.

This Dental Practice is Like No Other

In the realm of NYC real estate, when I say “Chelsea” you say:

Gay bars. Art galleries. Trendy restaurants. The Highline.

A hip and soulful dental practice.

Errrr…. say that last one again?

You read it correctly:

In the midst of one of NYC’s hippest, most lively neighborhoods, there lives a dental practice with just as much soul and charm as its bustling streets: none other than Soul Dental on 15th Street and 7th Avenue in Chelsea NYC.

Soul Dental hygienists and assistants pose together in a row, arms around one another. They are dressed up and appear to be celebrating.

Backed up by a rockstar team of diverse, compassionate humans Dr. Yuliya Alterman and Dr. Alexandra Yungelson have created a dental practice that surpasses what you’d normally expect. They not only care deeply about your oral health and teeth, but also about your whole body and your soul.

Drs. Yungelson and Alterman hug one another, smiling.

Best friends since their first day at NYU College of Dentistry, they have created a true home in Soul Dental, a place their patients trust, love to visit, and of course, get amazing results from.

Whether it’s gum disease or root canals, cosmetic dentistry, or their newly added Orthodontics and Pediatric dentistry, Soul Dental is here to transform your experience of what a dentist can be and do.

Patients like Sofia are blown away by the quality of the services, like Invisalign. Not only because of how beautiful her teeth came out, but also because of the understanding and accommodating nature of the service. Rather than have the Invisalign procedure interfere with her wedding day, Dr. Yungelson took the time to remove them just for that day so that Sofia could enjoy her wedding day with a full, confident smile.

And then there are patients like Mikhail, who, for his first dentist visit ever in the United States, had an amazing experience. The combination of Soul Dental’s friendly atmosphere, personality, and attentive skills was just the recipe he needed to quell his normally anxious nature when it comes to dental visits.

Beyond dentistry, they aim to inspire, heal, educate, and uplift every patient who walks through their doors.

They don’t hide their sense of humor or their love of art and science, which are all infused into their practice. When she’s not seeing patients, you might catch Dr. Alterman biking through the colorful streets of Chelsea.Dr. Alterman wears overalls, hands in pockets, leans against a red brick wall. Next to her, a red vintage road bike.

Dr. Yungelson poses in all black and high heels on a brick road, unknown Manhattan street in background.

And you might see Dr. Yungelson strutting down the sidewalk on her way to the office.

Wherever they are, a few things are certain:

Their creativity, passion, and zest for life are contagious.

Their full service dental practice is rooted in human values and ethics.

They are changing people’s lives daily by transforming their smiles and awakening their souls.

It’s time to add Soul Dental to your list of Chelsea’s must-visit hot spots.



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