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14 Dentistry Is About More Than Just Teeth

Dentistry Is About More Than Just Teeth

How Does Dentistry Affect Your Life? Ask a Holistic Dentist in NYC.

Yes, dentistry is absolutely centered on your teeth, but it’s much deeper than that. Your oral health impacts every part of your life. As a holistic dentist in NYC, Soul Dental explains.

Dentistry Is About Body

It’s easy to think that the health of your teeth and oral tissues only affects your mouth, but that’s not the case. In fact, ongoing studies continue to explore the connection between things like gum disease and other body ailments, including heart disease, arthritis, and some cancers.

Our body is our physical home, and when one part of it is unhealthy that naturally affects other parts. The debate between causation vs. correlation in terms of how exactly oral health relates to other diseases and body issues is still being explored. Suffice it to say, though, that prioritizing oral health can only help!

Dentistry Is About Mind

When we feel great about our smile, we interact differently in the world. When we feel insecure or self-conscious about our smile, we think, feel, and act in ways that hide our smile from the world. 

How we feel about our smile is directly related to our self-image. Here at Soul Dental, we’ve seen it time and time again. When someone undergoes a smile redesign, their entire way of presenting themselves changes. 

They become more relaxed, more open, more at ease talking, laughing, and being friendly with others. It’s as if the whole world begins to open up for them! Dentistry is absolutely tied to mental and emotional health in this way. Smiling just makes you feel better.

Dentistry Is About Soul

When you go from feeling disappointed or shy to feeling great about your smile, your whole energy changes. Yes, the way you feel mentally and emotionally shifts, but it’s more than that. We really see people’s spirits lift!

That’s why we say we practice dentistry with soul. We bring our passion and our commitment, and we get to witness the truly life-changing effects of dental transformations.

So the next time you think about your teeth, remember that they’re tied to the WHOLE you! That’s what holistic dentistry is all about: an awareness of the simple truth that your mouth is an integral part of the rest of your body, and that your oral health affects your overall health.

Some people come to us seeking a holistic dentist in NYC, but guess what? At Soul Dental, you never have to ask for holistic dentistry as a special service. We always treat your oral health as part of the whole picture of your wellness. Holistic dental care is centered on that essential truth.

Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment with us today and talk with our expert staff about how the health of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues can help maximize your overall wellness.



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