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Young parents laughing with their child, about 4. Soul Dental is a family dentist NYC.

We’d Love to Be Your New Family Dentist, NYC

Best Family Dentistry In NYC, NY

We call ourselves Soul Dental because we’re bringing soul to this industry in a way that’s never been done before. As a premier women-owned business in NYC, you can count on us to serve the fabulous people in this city with care, compassion, and style. 

We go above and beyond for each and every patient, and we’d love to welcome you and your entire family to a brighter dental future with us.

Happy Soul Dental patient sits in treatment chair, at ease and smiling.

Family Dentist NYC, At Your Service

Everyone in the family has unique needs when it comes to oral health and wellness. When you choose us as your family dentist, NYC, you can count on Soul Dental to know just what’s needed for your age and tooth condition. We always listen carefully to your oral health goals and wishes.


We welcome children as soon as they begin sprouting their first teeth! It helps to acclimate to the dental environment early so it feels like a relaxed and easy place to be as they grow.

Toddler & Kids:

We’re well-equipped to make visits to the dentist fun for kids, from toys and prizes to kid-friendly doctors and staff members. We’re also always happy to answer any questions about teeth or the tools we use to care for them. Children’s natural curiosity can help them engage in their own oral health from a young age, and we love to encourage that.

Tweens and Teens:

Just like adults, older children want to feel confident knowing that their smile looks great. We’ll help them keep up with regular bi-annual teeth cleanings, as well as discuss options like braces or Invisalign for those who may be dealing with gaps, crooked teeth, or other orthodontic issues. Unlike many dental practices, we offer both dental and orthodontic services for your convenience.

Young Adults:

Tweens and teens aren’t the only ones interested in smile straightening. Many of our adult patients express interest in fixing teeth that have shifted since they had braces in their youth, or in finally correcting teeth or bite issues that were never addressed in childhood. 

Another thing many adults want to talk to us about is cosmetic dentist solutions, from basic teeth whitening to more comprehensive solutions like porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, or dental implants. If you want to improve the look of  your smile, whether for personal or professional reasons, we can help.

This is also the age range (from about 17 to 21) when wisdom teeth usually erupt, and many will choose to have them removed to maintain a healthier or more comfortable bite.

Older Adults:

The older we get, the more our teeth deal with ever more wear and tear from life. Whether you want to correct tooth discoloration, tooth decay, or missing or damaged teeth, we have many different dental care treatment options for you to choose from.

Many older adults who have experienced tooth loss consider dental implants. Whether it’s just a couple of teeth or you’re considering a full-mouth restoration and smile makeover, dental implants are an incredibly effective solution for long-term comfort, aesthetic appearance, and functionality.

These implants look and feel just like real teeth, and they last upwards of about 25 years with proper care.

Perhaps surprisingly, older adults sometimes opt to have their wisdom teeth out at this stage of life. It may sound unusual, but the truth is that — by this time — molars have spent a lifetime being vulnerable to cavities, and those pesky ones at the very back can be hard to properly care for.

If you find that you’re continually prone to cavities on those third molars, you may wish to have them out. 

Start With Us, Stay With Us

One of the most wonderful things about caring for families’ dental health is having the opportunity to cheer right along with you as the kids have their Kindergarten graduation, win that soccer game, earn that honor, or reach that important life milestone. We want to be your family dentist today, tomorrow, and for the next generation.
Whether you’ve got a dental emergency or want to discuss you or a family member’s regular dental care, make an appointment and come see why we’re one of the best rated dentists in NYC. Visit our convenient locations in Chelsea and Midtown West.



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