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15 A Dental Practice

A Dental Practice That Actually Lives Up to the Hype

See Why NYC Is Loving Our Midtown West and Chelsea Dental Services

Getting your teeth cleaned a couple times a year. Having a cavity filled. It can totally be a snooze fest. Or, you could visit our Midtown West and Chelsea dental offices. Dentistry with soul just feels different.

I mean, how often do you and any dentist you’ve ever been to get to crack up together? When in the history of your teeth have you ever been at a dentist’s office and thought, “Yeah, these are my peeps”? And why is your answer NEVER?

Dentistry doesn’t have to be dullsville. It can be dynamic, and passionate, and purposeful and still produce great results. Maybe even better ones.

People love Soul Dental because they get the results they want, and so much more. If you don’t love your current dental practice, you are missing out!

Dentistry is about much more than just teeth: It’s about relationships. It’s about communication. It’s about trust.

And hey, it can absolutely be fun and friendly, too! Come in for a visit and see what we mean.

Rocking Pantsuits and Teeth

Drs. Yungelson and Alterman stand in a hallway dressed sharply, holding cocktails, both turned towards the camera and smiling.
Soul Dental NYC

Our practice was founded on friendship. Seriously. Our two founders Dr. Yungelson and Dr. Alterman met in dental school and worked together to create a vision for the ideal dental practice.

What they built was even better than they could’ve dreamed. Our roots in camaraderie go deep, and it’s part of what our patients love about us.

We’ve managed to bring fun, friendship, style, and dental professionalism together in a synergistic way that keeps our practice growing and thriving. We love to make you smile, and honestly, you kind of can’t help but smile when you’re with us. It’s our thing.

More Stuff to Smile About

Whatever your oral health needs, we can help. Call us today and ask us about…

  • Treating gum disease
  • Maximizing gum health and appearance
  • Making your smile bright, straight, and beautiful
  • Oral wellness for all ages; bring the family!
  • Dental sedation for dentistry jitters
  • Comfortable, safe, and effective oral surgery
  • Orthodontics for adults and children

Our wide range of treatment options makes Soul Dental the easiest place to have all your dental needs met. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place for your child’s first dental visit or seeking a new practice for yourself, we invite you to take a closer look at our offerings.

From cosmetic dentistry to all the dental care essentials, we can help you get your smile and your oral health where you want it to be.

Our two locations — one in Midtown West and one in Chelsea — give you more flexibility to choose a dental practice that’s most convenient for you. Close to home, close to work, close to the kids’ school: we know that convenience matters. We’re here when you need us, and we’re accessible to the places you frequent most.

Let’s do this! We’re over here making dentistry awesome. Come with your concerns, leave smiling.



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