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17 We Do Dental Hygiene

We Do Dental Hygiene Like We Mean It

Now Bringing You the Best Teeth Cleaning in NYC at Two Locations

We know what you’re thinking: Surely all teeth cleanings are the same, right? In short: nope. People come to Soul Dental for the best teeth cleaning in NYC because they get more than just clean teeth; they get to connect with amazing people, too.

The Best Teeth Cleaning Is from Someone Who’s Truly Invested

Our hygienists come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of them bring dedication, focus, and a warm smile to our practice. We pride ourselves on being able to recognize leadership and potential in our staff, and have even inspired some of our dental assistants to take their passion for healthy smiles to the next level and become hygienists.

That’s just the kind of team we are. We attract good people, and we encourage personal growth — and you’ll feel that energy, commitment, and passion every time you visit us.

More than just cleaning teeth, our hygienists are dedicated to each patient’s oral health and holistic well-being. Our team’s attention to detail is second to none, and our passion for delivering the very best in dental care to our patients inspires our staff’s continuing research and education.

Preventative oral health care really can be an expression of caring!

Call Soul Dental today to schedule your best teeth cleaning ever. Each of our hygienists has a unique story, and a powerful reason for why they do what they do, and they all look forward to connecting with you.

We can’t wait to brighten your smile. Visit our Chelsea or Midtown West locations.



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