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12 The Women Rocking the Soul of NYC Dentistry

The Women Rocking the Soul of NYC Dentistry

This Women-Owned Dental Practice Is Where It’s At

If you’re asking, “Where is the best female dentist near me?” you’ve come to the right place. We don’t just have the best female dentists in the city, our practice was also founded by these rockstar women.

Dentistry remains a largely male-dominated field, but that is quickly changing. In fact, one report shows that a statistically significant 60% of all practicing dentists under the age of 44 are women

Female Dentistry from Dr. A.Y. and Dr. Y.A.

These move-making and soul-shaking women have more in common than their initials. After meeting at dental school, they realized they had a shared vision for a different kind of dental practice. 

They knew that dentistry could — and maybe even should — come from a deep, soul-level commitment to holistic wellness. They named their practice “Soul Dental,” and when you’re a patient here, you can easily see how well the name fits.

Dr. Alexandra Yungelson and Dr. Yuliya Alterman pride themselves on creating a friendly and cooperative working environment for the staff and a comforting and welcoming space for patients. At Soul, we truly care about you, and it shows.

Dr. Yungelson: “I always dreamed of becoming a dentist. My first dental visit was at the age of seven, after immigrating to the United States from the Ukraine. My dentist was a kind and gentle man who truly cared about the wellbeing of his patients. Unlike my father, who was ‘tortured’ by a dentist in the Ukraine, my experience inspired me to help people and eliminate dental anxiety.”

Dr. Alterman: “Dentistry is an amazing profession permitting me to be both a healer and an artist. Beauty is neither a trend nor perfection, but a balanced set of characteristics, making each of us unique. My patients’ gratitude humbles me; their trust in my ability and talent is what makes me being a dentist a true privilege.”

“Found! The best female dentist near me!”

Some people just prefer to work with women. Why? We can think of a million reasons, but you know yours. We are proud to be among the many amazing NYC women-owned businesses, and we look forward to making your dental experience a great one.

We offer a full spectrum of dental services, including everything from basic cleanings and checkups, to teeth whitening, to oral surgery, and lots in between. If you’re looking for safe, effective, and compassionate care, you’ll be so happy you found us.

As Dr. Yungelson shared above about her father’s horrible dental experience back in Ukraine, many people right here in the U.S. have unpleasant dental stories of their own, or from a loved one.

With all the modern scientific advances in dental tools, techniques, and methodologies, there is absolutely no reason for dentistry to be traumatic for anyone.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will customize your visit for maximum comfort, including sedation if you wish. We want you to leave your time with us smiling not only because your teeth look great, but also because you feel great, at a soul level.

At Soul Dental, that level of caring is much deeper than just our name. It’s our purpose.



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