seeing is believing!

Here at Soul Dental, we’ve seen hundreds of smiles restored. We’ve even had the pleasure of transforming some smiles to look more beautiful than ever before! Here are just a few examples of the whitening and restorative work we do. Come as you are, and leave with a smile rejuvenating solution that you can’t help but grin about.

Study 1

  • Case 1 Pre-Surgery. Teeth are yellow with brown stains or decay near gum line. Gums are uneven and appear irritated. Pre-Surgery
  • Case 1 Post-Surgery. Teeth are white and healthy-looking. Gums appear healthy. POST-Surgery

Study 2

  • Case 2 Pre-Surgery. Some discoloration, crooked. Most notably, two top front teeth angle away from one another, creating a gap. Pre-Surgery
  • Case 2 Post-Surgery. Teeth are straight and nicely shaped. Discoloration reduced. POST-Surgery
  • Case 2 Two Weeks Post-Surgery. Teeth look perfect! 2 Weeks Post-Surgery

Study 3

  • Case 3 Pre-Surgery. Teeth have some discoloration and all but front incisors angle in towards tongue. Pre-Surgery
  • Case 3 Post-Surgery. Color is closer to white, top teeth no longer angle inward. POST-Surgery

Study 4

  • Case 4 Pre-Surgery. Teeth are irregularly shaped with some crooked edges. They are also angled in various directions. Pre-Surgery
  • Case 4 Post-Surgery. Teeth appear perfect: straight and white, uniformly shaped. POST-Surgery