seeing is believing!

Here at Soul Dental, we’ve seen hundreds of smiles restored. We’ve even had the pleasure of transforming some smiles to look more beautiful than ever before! Here are just a few examples of the whitening and restorative work we do. Come as you are, and leave with a smile rejuvenating solution that you can’t help but grin about.

Study 1

  • Case 1 Pre-Surgery Pre-Surgery
  • Case 1 Post-Surgery POST-Surgery

Study 2

  • Case 2 Pre-Surgery Pre-Surgery
  • Case 2 Post-Surgery POST-Surgery
  • Case 2 Two Weeks Post-Surgery 2 Weeks Post-Surgery

Study 3

  • Case 3 Pre-Surgery Pre-Surgery
  • Case 3 Post-Surgery POST-Surgery

Study 4

  • Case 4 Pre-Surgery Pre-Surgery
  • Case 4 Post-Surgery POST-Surgery