Soul Smile™

Full-mouth restorations

recreate the smile you had

Feeling confident in your smile isn’t about vanity. Your smile reflects the true essence of YOU – who you are, your sense of personal expression, your uniqueness.

Soul Dental’s Dr. Maxim Podolsky witnessed firsthand what it feels like to give people the gift of having their smile back. He volunteered at a community center for elderly people and found that their most common complaint was that they couldn’t smile the way they wanted to smile or eat what they wanted to eat due to missing or compromised teeth.

“The day we came and delivered the patients’ teeth, they smiled for the first time in years, and took a bite of that steak they’d been longing to have. It made them feel so good, and in turn, it made me feel so good.”

Full-mouth restorations and dentures are two of the ways Soul Dental supports patients in getting their smile back. 

Dentures come in and out, and offer a return of confidence in your smile. Full-mouth restorations using dental implants can help to recreate the smile you had – or give you the smile you’ve always wanted – AND allow you to more comfortably eat all the foods you love without worrying about a denture becoming loose or dislodged.

To explore all available options for restoring your smile and your ease with eating your favorite foods, schedule an appointment at Soul Dental today. Our experienced team of dental professionals offers compassionate professional support to help you renew or create the sure smile that just says YOU.