Follow your soul,
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the soul founders
Dr. Alexandra Yugelson, co-founder of Soul dentist NYC.

Dr. Alexandra Yungelson


“I have always dreamed of becoming a dentist. My first dental visit was at the age of seven, after immigrating to the United States from the Ukraine. My dentist was a kind and gentle man who truly cared about the wellbeing of his patients. Unlike my father, who was “tortured” by a dentist in the Ukraine, my experience inspired me to help people and eliminate dental anxiety.

Education enabled me to become a dentist. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psycho-biology and a Master’s in Biology, I graduated from New York University College of Dentistry as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. From emergency on call at my residency to full-mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic procedures in private practice, I have transformed the lives of my patients. I feel privileged and honored to be a dentist and practice in the home that I love, New York City.”

Dr. Yuliya Alterman, co-founder of Soul dentist NYC, smiling. She's the best cosmetic dentist NYC.

Dr. Yuliya Alterman


“Dentistry is an amazing profession permitting me to be both a healer and an artist. Growing up in St. Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia, has greatly influenced my perception of what is considered attractive.Beauty, then, is neither a trend nor perfection, but a balanced set of characteristics, making each of us unique. As a dentist, it became my goal to recreate and restore it seamlessly.

I am an open book to my friends, students, colleagues as well as patients and believe that every encounter with a human being can be an opportunity to learn something. I am, therefore, always a student myself and aspire to be better each day. What I have learned so far is that there is nothing impossible as long as I dare to reach for it. My patients’ gratitude humbles me; their trust in my ability and talent is what makes me being a dentist a true privilege.”