NYC Dentists Dr. Alterman and Dr. Yungelson have brought a new approach to dentistry in Manhattan. Soul Dental has been ranked one of the best dental practices in NYC. Their core beliefs are to bring a holistic and fresh experience to cosmetic, family and pediatric dentistry while making patient health their top priority. Soul Dental has two locations in NYC,

Soul Dental Chelsea and Soul Dental West.

- Soul Dental
Did you clean
before the lean?

Sedation Dentistry for all

Gone are the days of having to choose between great oral health because of fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist. Soul Dental is now offering a new sedation solution for everything from general cleanings to root canals.


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We Do Dental Hygiene Like We Mean It

Now Bringing You the Best Teeth Cleaning in NYC at Two Locations We know what you’re thinking: Surely all teeth cleanings are the same, right? In short: nope. People come to Soul Dental for the best teeth cleaning in NYC because they get more than just clean teeth; they get to connect with amazing people,…

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She’s Changing the Face of Dentistry

Want to support more female-owned businesses in NYC? Meet Dr. Alexandra Yungelson, cofounder of the best female-owned dental practice in New York City.

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Struggling With Your Gum Line? Meet Max.

If you’re dealing with gum disease, or any other oral tissue problems, there’s someone we’d like you to meet: Dr. Maxim Podolsky.

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Your Most Beautiful Smile, Made Right Here

Dr. Yuliya Alterman isn’t your average dentist.

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