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NYC Dentists Dr. Alterman and Dr. Yungelson have brought a new approach to dentistry in Manhattan. Soul Dental has been ranked one of the best dental practices in NYC. Their core beliefs are to bring a holistic and fresh experience to cosmetic, family and pediatric dentistry while making patient health their top priority. Soul Dental has two locations in NYC,

Soul Dental Chelsea and Soul Dental West.

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Feeling “Meh” About Your Smile? Let’s Talk Veneers.

Soul Dental Puts Your Ideal Smile Within Reach It can be frustrating and embarrassing when you don’t feel great about your smile. Maybe it’s an issue you’ve struggled with your whole life, or perhaps it’s something that developed due to an accident or injury. Whatever the reason, if there’s something about your smile that’s nagging…

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Why Choose Soul Dental?

Why Choose Our NYC Dental Practice? You’ll Get It the Moment You Walk Through the Door. Have you ever gone somewhere… a little off-the-beaten path town you discovered on your vacation; your favorite coffee shop; a new restaurant that just “gets” your taste; the home of your oldest, dearest friend… and just felt like you…

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