Our Reviews

  • Dr. Yungelson & the team at Soul Dental are amazing!!! I had a huge fear of the dentist due to past negative experiences, but it’s been completely turned around after being a client here. Everyone that works there is so lovely and accommodating! Each appointment goes by in the blink of an eye, the dental hygienists & the doctors work so quickly & efficiently - they’re always on schedule, I’ve never had to wait. Overall an amazing environment, especially for anyone who has a phobia of the dentist, I cannot thank them enough! 500 stars!!

    - Elyse F.

  • The best dentist experience I've ever had. The entire staff is competent, respectful, attentive, and overall just nice people. It almost doesn't feel like going to the dentist, really. What stood out to me the most is how everyone, from the receptionist to the assistant to Dr. Yungelson herself, takes the time to really explain every procedure, every little thing, so that you're not left with any questions. I hope I never have to switch dentists.

    - Maryna P.

  • I know you are not suppose to judge "a book by its cover" but I just felt this visit was going to be good when I walked into this immaculate office. I am a firm believer that first impression is key and they did an excellent job with that. I was greeted right away by the very friendly receptionist. She was helping another patient but acknowledged I was there and said she would be with me in a moment. She helped me fill out all the paperwork as I was a first time patient which made it go quickly. I waited less than 5 minutes and the nurse came out to get me. Everything after that went smoothly and quick! GREAT JOB!!!

    - Nicole S.

  • I am very happy I started going to Soul Dental for my care. I have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist, and everyone there has been so understanding and kind, they go out of their way to make sure I feel comfortable and supported. The office is fresh, modern and a very calm environment. Dr. Alterman was very attentive, kind, gentle, efficient, and checked in with me along the way during my procedure.

    - Monica R.

  • Dr. Alexandra Yungelson, DDS

    General Dentist

    • I feel so lucky to have found such a kind and compassionate professional like Dr. Yungelson. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise, but she is friendly and genuine. Thank you for always taking such great care of me and my pearly whites.

      - Beatrice R.

    • I'm not a fan of the dentist, but I had the best dental visit of my life with Dr. Yungelson. She took the time to explain what she was going to do next, let me take a break when I needed it, and nothing hurt. Best visit ever! I'll be back!

      - Jesse W.

  • Dr. Yuliya Alterman, DDS

    General Dentist

    • Best and most pleasant dentist appointment I ever had. She is fantastic. Dr. Yungelson was humming while cleaning my teeth which made me feel very calm. And isn´t it just the best and shows she loves her job?! I usually dread going to the dentist, but, Dr. Yungelson single handedly changed my perception. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

      - Uta S.

    • Dr. Alterman has seen me many times and she continues to bring excellence to her position as my dentist. She does every single thing to make me as comfortable as possible. Dr. Alterman has steady hands, and a steady, happy, and winning personality! I'm lucky that I've met her! To be honest, she helped me more than almost anyone in my life, and I won't ever forget that she brought me along the road to recovery. At times, I've been stressed, and she's calmed me down. She goes above and beyond to make everything as perfect as possible. She's smart when analyzing problems, properly diagnosing and treating every miserable issue I’ve had with my teeth, and has helped to make my life a whole lot easier. If you're considering her for the first time, she is definitely worth the visit!

      - William S.

  • Dr. Lisa Van Eyndhoven, DDS

    Pediatric Dentist

    • She was really good with my fidgety 2-year-old. Got her to actually cooperate, which almost never happens. I wish I had a dentist like her growing up. Highly recommended!

      - Starrene R.

    • What a wonderful experience for my five year old twins! Thank you Dr. Lisa and staff for being so gentle, fun, and patient! I am so happy to have a great dentist for my kids.

      -Laurie R.

  • Dr. Arin Abrahamian, DDS


    • Dr. Arin and the staff were wonderful to work with. I asked lots of questions and he was informative and detailed. The staff at the front desk, as well as the dental technicians, were friendly and thoughtful. They checked in often to make sure I was comfortable and that my questions were answered.

    • Dr. Abrahamian was really clear and straightforward, and with the medical technology they have there, I was able to see what he was talking about on screens for myself.

  • Dr. Marina Gonchar, DMD


    • Dr. Gonchar had a very soothing approach with my daughter, putting her at ease with some light conversation, which was a lovely touch. She is very professional and thorough - showing and explaining every aspect of the dental image displayed on the large screen, going through every detail of developmental prospects, and the available options in the short and long term. We did not feel rushed at any point, and she listened patiently to my input and answered all my questions. It was a very positive experience.

      - Lana U.

    • She was amazing. Was willing to sit and explain what was going on with the joints and muscles in my jaw for more than 45 minutes, including all possible courses of action, and was totally transparent about what she was and was not able to help me with, referring me to a specialist to get further consultation in case that’d be a better route for me. So sweet and friendly, great experience!

  • Dr. Sarah Schuback, DMD


    • Dr. Sarah is super sweet and professional! My cleaning was fast, not painful and all of the facilities at the office are top of the line. All the ladies in the front office are lovely too - highly recommend

      - Elizabeth S.

    • She was kind and personable and did the cleaning herself. Also she was very informed on how to move forward with referrals and specialized treatment. I will be visiting her again in 6 months.

      - Shruti C.