“Best of the best”

I wanted to choose the best of the best. I looked on the internet and read reviews. I looked at forums and talked with my friends and co-workers. That’s how I came to find Soul Dental.

I think it was my first time in the United States, dealing with dental work.

My first visit involved cleaning and I have since had fillings and crowns. The process was smooth. I’m an anxious person and it was very stressful for me but my doctor took care of me and she was very friendly and tried to relax me so I felt a lot more comfortable and confident.

Actually, I recommend Soul Dental every time, especially to my co-workers. Some of them have already come here. I tell them about the doctor and her personality and how I like the environment and the staff working here. I explain how it works for me. They are satisfied as well so I think it’s a good sign and I’m glad they like it. It’s really comfortable and very friendly here.

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